by Montoya



“the breadth of Montoya’s influences and tastes is at its most striking; the dulcet techno hum of “La Pastora” is perforated by sprightly flutes and percussion, while lead single “Solo Quiero” deploys a languid reggaeton pattern beneath Bogota rising star Pedrina’s distorted, wilting croon anticipating a euphoric synthesiser-lead climax. The title track, featuring a sultry guest vocal from Nidia Gongora, is a fierce and vigorous club anthem, amplified by hissing synth pads and sordid breakbeats. Even a more straightforwardly techno track like “Tatacoa” is stylized with intoxicating Indian vocal samples, and more traditional folk selections like “Orun” still use an inobtrusive bassline drone. Montoya’s palette is simultaneously expansive and curious, yet coherent, with a steadily melodic electronic through-line running through Otun’s duration.“

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Jhon William Castaño Montoya, known as MONTOYA, was born in Colombia and since 2001 has spent his life in Italy. His musical universe is polyhedral; he is a musician with a classical education, graduated in violin, but also a producer, a composer, a researcher and a creative.

For 5 years he was involved in Fabrica, where he not only materialized his own sound combining the academic path with electronic experimentation but he also worked with projects that unite art and communication. He has composed music for the publicity campaigns of Emergency, Perugina, Benetton, Telecom, Enel, Eni. He works with the Italian communication Agency Armando Testa.

MONTOYA published two albums with Fabrica “El Viaje” (2012) and “Mohs” (2013); while in 2015 he released his album IWA and Ep LUX with the Italian label White Forest Records, which was reviewed as one of the best electronic music records in Italy.

MONTOYA has signed with ZZK Records and his new album titled Otún, has been published in 2019.

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22 Mar. Ven Live set Club Gretchen Berlin, Germany

14 April. Mar Live set Fuoritema Urbino, Italy

3 Mag. Ven Live set in Trio Latino Power Bogota, Colombia

10 Mag. Ven Live set Tunnel Pereira, Colombia

11 Mag. Sab Live set Selina Cuenca, Ecuador

26 Mag. Sab Live set Fabrik Festival Fontaniva, Italy

23 Giu. Dom . Dj set Symposium Bassano, Italy

30 Giu. Dom Dj set Sottosopra Castelfranco , Italy



Perla solo quiero ft pedrina otun ft nidia gongora

Live in Bogota

Live in Berlin

Live in Paris